Legal & Regulations

  • Samsung Heavy Industries settles Petrobras...

    Samsung Heavy Industries has agreed to settle allegations of corruption in connection with the sprawling Petrobras bribery investigation, paying a fine of $150 million in an agreement with Brazilian prosecutors. 


  • Nigeria plans to add boats and aircraft to combat...

    Responding to the growing outcry over the increasing security risks for mariners in West Africa and the repeated reports of Nigerian pirates being at the center of the activity, the Nigerian government is reportedly taking actions to enhance security. The transport minister is speaking out saying his country will increase its efforts to improve security in the region. 


  • Waiver proposed to permit large ships to sail to...

    Responding to the outcry from Alaska and the cruise industry, efforts are now underway in the U.S. House of Representatives to find a compromise to permit the 2021 Alaska cruise season to proceed despite Canada’s ban on large cruise ships. An Alaska member of the U.S. House introduced an act that would provide a waiver to the U.S. cabotage rules while a committee proposed permitting technical calls in Canada. With a short window for action, the cruise industry however has already begun to cancel Canadian-based cruises for 2021.


  • Philippine fishermen call on UN to invalidate...

    The Philippine artisanal fishermens' association Pamalakaya has called on the UN to declare China's new Coast Guard Law "null and void," asserting that Beijing's new rules of engagement for the agency are incompatible with international law. 


  • Biden takes no action against Nord Stream 2...

    The Biden administration is taking a hands-off approach to Gazprom's nearly-complete Nord Stream 2 subsea pipeline, making no significant moves against companies violating U.S. sanctions on the project, according to sources familiar with a status report that the State Department completed last week. 


  • Solomon Islands seeks compensation for "...

    The government of the Solomon Islands says that it is pursuing compensation from the owners of a bulker that allegedly discharged fuel oil into Graciosa Bay, a natural harbor at the island of Nendo.


  • Wakashio stern removal begins as officers appear...

    Salvage work is getting underway more than seven months after the bulk carrier Wakashio went aground off Mauritius causing one of the worst environmental disasters in the country’s history. The efforts to remove and recycle the stern section of the 203,000 dwt bulker are commencing as a Court of Investigation is also underway in Mauritius providing the officers’ accounts of the accident.


  • Merchant Shipping Bill 2020: a work in progress

    The draft Merchant Shipping Bill was published in 2021 for comment and was designed to replace the 1951 Act which has grown into a very cumbersome piece of legislation as technology and shipping have developed. The Department of Transport is in the process of considering comments and input received and other submissions made during the course of the year. The Bill will then be scrutinised by state law advisers before being submitted to cabinet for approval and, ultimately promulgated by parliament as the new Merchant Shipping Act.



Norway extends Hurtigruten’s limited coastal service through June 2021

Faced with the ongoing COVID virus-related travel restrictions and the anticipated launch of a competitor’s service on the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten and the Government of Norway announced a short-term agreement to maintain the current coastal voyages. According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications maintaining the service is critical for commerce and cargo transportation along the coast.


French Navy seizes record cargo of Cocaine from ship off W. Africa

The French Navy completed a record seizure of more than six tons of cocaine from a cargo ship sailing in the Gulf of Guinea. Believed to be one of the largest individual seizures in the region, the operation involved close cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies working with the navy.


Blinken warns Germany of sanctions risks for Nord Stream 2

At a NATO ministerial summit in Brussels on Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made clear that sanctions are on the table as a mechanism for addressing European participation in the nearly-complete Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. 


Royal Navy busts Heroin smugglers in Arabian Sea

Drugs worth more than $4 million to terrorists have been seized by Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose – her third bust in just over a month. The frigate intercepted a suspect dhow in the northern Arabian Sea, recovering nearly three tonnes of hash and heroin in a ten-hour operation.


ICS warns of dangers of not having vaccination programs for seafarers

The complexity of implementing a vaccination program for seafarers has drawn much discussion with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) the latest organization to warned that the lack of access to vaccinations is “placing shipping in a legal minefield.” The unresolved issues of how to implement inoculations for seafarers is creating a “perfect storm” for shipowners warns the labor organization saying that the shipping lines might be forced to cancel voyages and face legal and financial issues if crew members are not vaccinated causing ships to be denied entry to ports.