Legal & Regulations

  • ICS warns of dangers of not having vaccination...

    The complexity of implementing a vaccination program for seafarers has drawn much discussion with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) the latest organization to warned that the lack of access to vaccinations is “placing shipping in a legal minefield.” The unresolved issues of how to implement inoculations for seafarers is creating a “perfect storm” for shipowners warns the labor organization saying that the shipping lines might be forced to cancel voyages and face legal and financial issues if crew members are not vaccinated causing ships to be denied entry to ports.


  • Royal Navy busts Heroin smugglers in Arabian Sea

    Drugs worth more than $4 million to terrorists have been seized by Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose – her third bust in just over a month. The frigate intercepted a suspect dhow in the northern Arabian Sea, recovering nearly three tonnes of hash and heroin in a ten-hour operation.


  • 220 Chinese vessels stake out another reef in...

    China's maritime militia has shown up in force at Union Banks, an atoll within the Philippine's EEZ claim. According to the Philippine Coast Guard, about 220 maritime militia vessels were anchored in a line off one of the atoll's reefs on March 7. 


  • China's troubling solution to its water-...

    Beijing has long understood that China has a water-security problem that could pose an existential threat. In 2005, China’s minister for water resources reportedly said, "To fight for every drop of water or die: that is the challenge facing China." Former premier Wen Jiabao observed that water shortages threaten "the very survival of the Chinese nation."


  • IMO cautions of complacency as number of crew...

    Marking one year since the declaration of the global pandemic, the IMO is highlighting that the crew change crisis caused by COVID-19 restrictions continues to create challenges, and despite some improvement, they warn that now is not the time for complacency. Seafarers are continuing to provide vital services working beyond the terms of their contacts. the IMO highlights, with the danger that they could still find themselves trapped at sea and while the issues around vaccine availability need to be resolved.


  • Panama calls for IMO to mediate crew change for...

    Nine months into the standoff between China and Australia over the importation of coal, pressure continues to mount to find a solution at least for the seafarers stuck at sea. The Republic of Panama, as the flag state for many of the stranded ships, is calling on the International Maritime Organization to get involved to mediate the dispute.


  • Fiji investigates allegations of abusive...

    Fijian authorities have launched an investigation into a ferry company's allegedly abusive abusive treatment of dozens of Filipino seafarers, according to the ITF. The union called for a thorough inquiry into areas of the operator's operations. 


  • Australia seizes $70M in Cocaine smuggled aboard...

    Australian authorities reported the seizure of 200 kilograms of cocaine with an estimated street value of more than US$70 million that was being smuggled into the country aboard an MSC containership. An elaborate multi-agency operation was staged to track and capture the drugs as a local man attempted to land them in the Sydney area.



Four tons of Marijuana seized from Piraeus shipping container

Efforts to smuggle large amounts of illegal narcotics through the ports of Eastern Europe are continuing. Days after the Croatian authorities reported one of their largest seizures of cocaine being smuggled through one of their ports, Greece authorities reported a large seizure of cannabis last week at the port of Piraeus. In both cases, the Eastern European ports were being used as intermediary stops in an effort to avoid stricter enforcement protocols as Western European ports.


U.S. Coast Guard intercepts go-fast boat with $95M in cocaine

The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Tampa offloaded about 5,500 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $95 million at a pier in Miami. The delivery was the result of an interdiction of a low profile vessel off the coast of Punta Gallinas, Colombia earlier this month. 


Three sentenced, two more plead guilty in USCG exam-fixing scheme

Additional defendants are continuing to plead guilty while the first of the defendants have now been sentenced in a test score-fixing scheme at a United States Coast Guard exam center. Since filing an indictment in November 2020, 21 defendants have been convicted in the case brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana.


Croatian Police seize $72M in cocaine as smugglers target ports

Croatian police in cooperation with customs authorities announced their third major seizure of cocaine this year arriving at the port of Ploce smuggled inside containers arriving from South America. Croatian officials said that smugglers appear to be targeting the ports of Southern Europe in response to increased enforcement efforts across Europe.


Senators introduce act to compel CDC to restore U.S. cruises by July 4

The efforts to pressure the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to move forward with the restoration of cruises sailing from U.S. ports continued with three U.S. senators today introducing a bill to require the CDC to restore cruising by July 4. The senators from Florida and Alaska followed a move last week by the state of Florida to sue the U.S. government to restore cruising and a letter-writing campaign launched by the cruise industry. Alaska’s governor said his state might follow Florida in a lawsuit to ease the restrictions on cruising.


Suez Canal Authority obtains court order to seize Ever Given

The Suez Canal Authority has secured a formal court order to seize the container ship Ever Given for "failure to pay an amount of $ 900 million," the Egyptian government-owned news outlet Ahram Gate reported Tuesday. The SCA had previously announced its intention to hold the vessel until the outcome of negotiations with the owners over damage compensation from the ship's infamous six-day grounding.