House of Commons passes Bill C-29 – Full resumption of operations at the Port of Montreal and an end to the uncertainty

Operations at the Port of Montreal will regain their needed stability gradually over the next few hours, following passage by the House of Commons of an Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of operations at the Port of Montreal. This decision means that the operational and commercial uncertainty related to labour relations between the dockworkers’ union CUPE Local 375 and the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) is now over.


Britannia P&I appoints general manager for B Korea

Britannia P&I has appointed Kate Kim as B Korea’s General Manager. She will take up her position on 1 May 2021 where her key focus will be to build and further strengthen relationships with Members and provide them with tailored, high quality services.


Wärtsilä to introduce engine plus emissions abatement package to meet Chinese marine engine emission standard

The technology group Wärtsilä will introduce a combined engine plus selective catalytic reduction (SCR) packaged product aimed at complying with China’s Stage II marine engine emission standard that enters into force in July 2021. The standard will apply to inland waterway, coastal, river-sea, channel and fishing vessels operating in most rivers and around the country’s major harbour areas.


Continuing evolution: The LNG carrier of 2030

by Peter Fitzpatrick, Vice President, Global Business Development and Account Management, ABS


While LNG carriers have a relatively short history, they have been subject to a continuous evolution in their design and operational parameters over the last decade. Many of the design changes reflect the natural maturity of the industry, others have come in response to technical, operational and regulatory changes.


UAE ratifies 1996 Protocol to LLMC 1976

By Mazin El Amin, Senior Associate, Ince


On 10 October 1957, the International Convention relating to the Limitation of the Liability of Owners of Sea-Going Ships was signed in Brussels (the “Brussels Convention”). On 19 November 1976, the Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims Convention 1976 (the “LLMC”) was signed in London, addressing some of the pitfalls in the Brussels Convention. The LLMC continues to be the “base” Convention regulating shipowners’ ability to limit liability in certain circumstances.