Asian Shipbuilding subsidies put German Shipyards at risk

German shipbuilding association VSM is warning of the risk of an "irreversible loss" of skill in the country's powerhouse marine equipment and shipyard sectors due to distortions in international competition. Without government intervention at the national and EU level, warned VSM, Germany's yards run the risk of significant decline over the next decade.


Jack-up rig tilts and sinks off Malaysia

ConocoPhillips and Malaysian offshore drill rig operator Velesto confirmed reports that a jack-up rig operating at the Salam-3 field off the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia collapsed and sunk earlier today. All the personnel working aboard the rig were safely evacuated before it sank and have been accounted for according to Velesto.


Rotterdam and German steel companies explore Hydrogen infrastructure

Two of Germany’s leading steel manufacturers are joining with the Port of Rotterdam to jointly investigate developing an international supply chain for hydrogen passing through the port as a replacement for the coal currently used in their manufacturing operations. The companies recognize that vast imports of hydrogen would be required if Europe and Germany want to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing current fuel sources and become climate-neutral by 2050 while maintaining its strong industrial backbone.