Ship operators at increased risk of drug smuggling

Commercial carriers are not willing participants in the trafficking of drugs, but they may be exposed to various losses including fines if drugs are found on-board. The P&I cover for fines arising out of smuggling was changed at the start of the 2021 insurance policy year. It is important that Members are aware of the change, the increased exposure and how to deal with the challenges related to smuggling when operating ships.


Canadian Government to Build Two Large Polar Icebreakers

As the next phase of its National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Government of Canada announced plans to move forward with the construction of two Polar icebreakers. Citing the growth in commercial shipping, the serious impacts of climate change, and increased maritime activity in the arctic, the government said it is critical for Canada’s protection and security to proceed with the project. As part of the broader strategy, they also promoted that it will provide employment and ensure the strength of Canada’s shipbuilding industry.


MSC Boxship Sets Size Records at Port of New York & New Jersey

The Port of Newark, New Jersey recently received the largest container vessel in its history and the first 15,000 TEU vessel operated by MSC to the U.S. East Coast. The arrival of the new MSC Virgo also tied the record for the largest container vessel to visit the broader Port of New York and New Jersey seaport.


Foss Builds First U.S. Tug With Autonomous Capabilities

Leading U.S. tug and logistics operator Foss Maritime is installing an autonomous control system aboard its latest tug, the Rachael Allen. The new ASD harbor tug will be the first in the United States to integrate autonomous systems into real-world commercial operations, and it marks a significant milestone for the small but growing class of autonomy-equipped workboats on the global market.