Ampelmann clinches eight new projects in APAC


Dutch-based offshore gangway specialist Ampelmann has said it has recently secured five contracts covering eight projects in the Asia Pacific. Five of the eight are in the renewables space.

"All contracts were signed in Q1 of 2021 and consist of operations in different offshore segments and in several countries, with various Ampelmann systems to be used," Ampelmann said.

"One of the milestones these contracts present is the first use of the Ampelmann E1000 system in the APAC region. The E1000 will provide safe and efficient offshore access for personnel and cargo in the construction phase of an offshore wind farm off the coast of Taiwan," the company added.

Another four projects are also in offshore wind and will all see the use of an A-type, a system with a significant track record in APAC, operating in Taiwanese waters.

“Securing these projects in the renewables market marks a turning point for the APAC region, as operations in the region used to be solely in Oil & Gas,” said Ramesh Namasivayam, Business Developer at Ampelmann, who was involved in most contracts. He and his team welcome the shift towards the renewables sector and are pleased to be able to support it. “This move requires the effort of our whole team and inspires us to get involved in many more projects in the region.”

Among the new contracts, the A-type system will also operate in two other market segments. In India, the system will support a decommissioning project, while in Indonesia, it will provide offshore access during an FPU modification project.  

In Brunei, Ampelmann will contribute to another one of its core industries and enable safe and efficient crew change operations. This system will be number eight operating in the country, the company said. Ampelmann did not provide financial details on the contracts secured.